“vmkdump” folder, *.dumpfile locked

Scenario: ESXi version upgraded to 5.5, vmkdump folders appear in random data-stores and can’t be remove.

To check all the dump files configured in current cluster.

~ # esxcli system coredump file list
2015-04-23 13_17_27-caoesx01.caoilsg.local - PuTTY

*Total of 7 dump files configured in the cluster

To verify the dump file configured and actively used by current logon ESXi;

~ # esxcli system coredump file get
2015-04-23 13_17_11-caoesx01.caoilsg.local - PuTTY

*Found volume ID : 5537289d-0a13a54c-5dba-0010188efb88 ; dump file name : caoesx01vmkdumpfile

Confirm the path with volume ID listed in previous command line.

~ # esxcli storage filesystem list
2015-04-23 13_17_36-caoesx01.caoilsg.local - PuTTY

*Matches volume ID with CAO_PRODD_VNX_LUN_XX

Force to deactivate and deconfigure the dump file used by current logon ESXi

~ # esxcli system coredump file remove -F

*The dump file being auto removed from the volume.

Decide and create a new dump file in designated volume

~ # esxcli system coredump file add -d=<new volume ID> -f=<new dump file name>

*Example: /vmfs/volumes/5517aaed-e2d89a84-9246-0010189a5958/vmkdump/newcaoesx01vmkdumpfile.dumpfile

<new voume ID> = 5517aaed-e2d89a84-9246-0010189a5958

<new dump file name> = newcaoesx01vmkdumpfile

Manual configure dump file path to avoid ESXi place it randomly after reboot

~ # esxcli system coredump file set -p=<path name>

*Example <path name> = /vmfs/volumes/5537289d-0a13a54c-5dba-0010188efb88/vmkdump/caoesx01vmkdumpfile.dumpfile

Enable and start coredump file for ESXi

~ # esxcli system coredump file set -e=1

Verify coredump file is active

~ # esxcli system coredump file get

####YOU SHOULD SEE THE ACTIVE and CONFIGURED coredump file details here####

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