Solotraveller: Shenyang, and the Sysspring mall


Shenyang, a city within province of Liaoning in China. The Winter has just begun early Nov 2015, and the air got polluted due to heating supply. People converse in mandarin and most of the local resident are good drinker.

There are few tourism spots nearby where people would usually visit. Places like 沈阳故宫,张氏帅府. And you might also want to get a ticket to watch the famous 二人转 at the 刘老根 theater. As for me, I am more into exploring the city for fine food and get to know their local culture.

Places like 太原街, 中街 where you can find all the local, international branded outlets for clothing and local fine dining. There are also many Korean shops near 西塔, and you should give a try for their Korean cuisine. Don’t forget they do not accept VISA or MASTER card… locate for the nearest ATM and draw some cash for standby :D. This apply to all other places in China unless you have a UNIONPAY credit card.

Accommodation first choice would be any of the 4/5 star hotel. Or their local franchise hotel like 七天,如家,汉庭,莫泰. And the best and convenient place to stay is 中街 where you can shop whole day or take their metro train service to any other places.

Sysspring mall aka 沈阳大春天 or I named it Spring Plaza, is a mall located in 中街 that houses many local youngster brands. Each floor decorated with its own concept and you can find a lot of creativity idea here. At 6th floor, you may locate few different concept cafe which allow you to have high tea with friends while enjoying the unique atmosphere.

For friends who loves music, there are few area within the mall having their appointed musician playing live music along the day. It worth to spend a day or two if you loves live music performance. As for me, this place is awesome!


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